Cristine Kane

Vice President, Solution Design & Technology Innovation Tampa, Florida

"I joined Hudson RPO because I wanted the opportunity to make a greater impact. After three years at Hudson RPO, I’ve learned more here than I did at larger organizations in 7 or 8 years."

After nearly 20 years in the recruitment industry, Cristine wanted to join an organization where she’d have a bigger voice.

I started in the industry two decades ago as a recruiter on the staffing side. From there I moved into Managed Services and eventually into a Project Management role on the corporate side where I was developing global recruitment solutions.

What I like about Hudson RPO is that it is a more nimble and entrepreneurial environment with fewer layers and red tape.

I started as the Director of Project Implementation. I was able to engage with clients directly and often help them solve for their deep organizational talent issues. With this frequent exposure, I developed my knowledge, which helped me design creative solutions to provide value to clients and solve their talent challenges. This in turn led to my promotion to Vice President. I’ve since learned so much and gotten exposure to many more aspects of the business.

I’ve been involved in the sales process and have really sharpened my skills. I now also work on creative strategic sourcing solutions for clients and serve as Program Manager for a healthcare operations provider. Working closely with an account gives me a first-hand view into the realities of a program and how our implementation solutions impact the client outcomes.