Marc Rodgers

Senior Bilingual Recruiter Mississauga, Ontario

"After having worked almost 30 years, I’ve had a lot of jobs, and I’ve never been as happy in my work life as I am working for Hudson RPO."

As a seasoned business person, recruiter and RPO veteran, Marc joined the Hudson RPO team in 2014 as an English/French bilingual recruiter.

I started my career working in the media business. Part of my role included hiring people, which quickly became my favorite part of the job. That launched my career as a recruiter for different industries, including work with another RPO organization.

During the interview process with Hudson RPO, it was clear that I was dealing with an upfront and transparent organization. I joined Hudson RPO more than four years ago, and it’s the best job I’ve ever had. Hard work is recognized, and management truly cares about our well-being. My boss insists that we take family time and have work-life balance (even though I wasn’t complaining about it), and the U.S.-based CEO knows the names of all Hudson RPO’s Canadian employees. The CEO even noticed that I had lost 20 pounds after not having seen me for six months. She made a point of congratulating me!

With Hudson RPO, I work for GSK Canada, one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. As a bilingual recruiter, I serve as the link between the English and French teams.

In Toronto, I handle recruiting for the manufacturing division. As soon as I joined, I began walking the production floor on a bi-weekly basis so that I could build up my relationships with the workers. In 25 years, they had never seen an HR person on the floor. I knew I was connecting with them. They now help me with referrals, and give me a heads up when someone may be leaving, and a job is coming online.

As a result of my relationships with the line crew, my division has had the highest referral rate in the company globally, and we held the record for quickest time-to-fill!

I couldn’t be happier working for such a supportive and honest company as Hudson RPO. Management treats us with respect, values our expertise, and trusts us to try new things.