Melissa Rampaul

Senior Recruitment Coordinator Toronto, Ontario

Melissa is a Senior Recruitment Coordinator who works virtually from her Toronto home office for a global diversified financial client in New York City.

In early 2012, Melissa joined Hudson RPO as a Shared Services Coordinator supporting four major client accounts. In 2013, she was promoted to Recruitment Coordinator on her current client account. She has since been promoted to Senior Recruitment Coordinator specializing in operations. In this capacity, Melissa handles reporting, monthly billing, process and compliance, and team policies, and training and mentoring for the new coordinators.

According to Melissa, she’s encouraged to find new and more efficient ways of operating, “Hudson RPO’s leadership is so strong. They don’t micromanage. I have autonomy and can share my views and opinions. Other recruitment organizations I’ve worked for had a set way of doing things, while Hudson RPO is open to change for better results.”

During the past four years, Melissa has honed her expertise in the financial services industry and has received training on business and communication skills and team building to be more effective in her role.

“Hudson RPO has been very supportive of my career. They push me to grow and provide the necessary support needed to achieve my objectives.”

Based on feedback from her client and colleagues, in 2018, Melissa was selected as a “Hudson Award” winner and was rewarded with an all-expense-paid trip to Aruba.