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The great generational shift

Workforce generations report

Learn how different generations think, act, and lead

With so many generations in the workplace, is this the dawn of a new leadership style?

When it comes to leadership, the behavioral styles of Baby Boomers and Generation Y in the workplace could not be more different. For organizations, managers, and individuals alike, it’s time to prepare for a new kind of leader.

Also, as Baby Boomers retire and Generation Z enters the workforce, traditional roles will continue to change. As each of the generations prepares to move up, what impact will this generational shift have on the workplace? And how can you prepare your organization to leverage the unique strengths of each generation?

Download Hudson RPO’s The Great Generational Shift: Why The Differences Between Generations Will Reshape Your Workplace to receive an in-depth look at the changing nature of workplaces and guidance on how individuals and organizations can address multi-generational challenges.

The report provides data on the personality traits that drive Generation Y, Generation X, and Baby Boomers, revealing how these three generations are fundamentally different in how they think, act, and lead.

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