Pinnacle Awards

Hudson RPO Pinnacle Award Nominations

  • Nominate colleagues for their outstanding work in 2019
    Award nominations due February 20, 2020

    The Pinnacle Awards recognize outstanding achievement in Sales, Account Management, Recruitment, and Support Services. Account Management and Sales winners are selected based on performance criteria and financial results, while Recruitment and Support Services team winners are selected through a nomination process.

    2019 eligibility guidelines for all Pinnacle Awards:

    • Winners must be employed with Hudson RPO for a minimum of 12 months
    • Winners need to meet or exceed expectations on their MAP
    • Winners will not be allowed to send an alternate team member in their place
    • Cash awards in lieu of the awards trip are not permitted
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  • (e.g., increased revenue, cost efficiency, specific examples of outstanding service delivery or examples of improving others' performance, etc.)
  • Include an example of at least one action consistent with a Hudson RPO Americas Guiding Principle: a culture of sales and leadership, disciplined execution, or profitable growth. *
  • If you need assistance with this item, please work with your manager to obtain a key stakeholder testimonial.
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