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Employee training

Training opportunities at Hudson RPO

Our aim is that all employees reach their full potential, and Hudson RPO’s culture of sales and leadership is designed to achieve this goal. Learning opportunities are provided to employees at every level to cultivate business and leadership skills. This includes online and offline formal training, as well as exposure to a blend of industries and management styles through working on different client accounts.

We’re proud to report that in the past year, 34 percent of Hudson RPO staff were promoted or made lateral moves to support professional development.

Sample of formal training programs for professional development

HR training for managers and supervisors
Our instructor-led classes develop effective business leaders and people managers:

  • Best practices in hiring, recruiting, and retaining staff
  • Coaching for performance
  • Performance management

Industry-leading internet recruitment training and certification

In our partnership with SocialTalent, our recruitment team receives top notch training and certification, which sharpens their skills and transforms them into true talent advisors.

  • Recruitment process, legal compliance, diversity and inclusion, and candidate experience.
  • Industry-specific training in areas such as pharmaceutical or banking, for example, for more meaningful candidate conversations.
  • Methods to increase the quality and quantity of job applications using proven marketing techniques.
  • How to source ideal candidates from any database—ATS, resume sites, LinkedIn, and other social networks.
  • Ways to communicate with passive talent to elicit a response and progress forward for the role.
  • Strategies to partner with clients and provide value-added talent advisory services for each requisition.
  • Work efficiency training, such as time and process management, to benefit throughout the lifetime of their careers.

Business and soft skills training

Employees polish existing skills and develop new competencies with an online training system. This includes:

  • 1,400+ courses in three subject areas: best practices, business skills, and software skills
  • Interactive participation modules
  • Anytime, anywhere online learning
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