Sales team hired in 60 days for global CRM leader

A fast-growing CRM and cloud computing giant needed a scalable and flexible recruitment partner to quickly hire a 40-person regional sales team. After successful completion of the sales project, Hudson RPO was engaged for another 50-person engagement for critical IT roles.


400 hires per year and drastic reduction in agency fees

A Chicago-based media giant sought to reduce its costly reliance on third party recruitment agencies. They hired Hudson RPO for an enterprise RPO solution to streamline their processes, reduce costs and deliver high quality candidates in alignment with the company’s growing business.


An RPO solution for GSK Canada since 2006

While the average RPO contract is two to three years, Hudson RPO has been enterprise RPO provider for GSK Canada since 2006. We hire 300 new employees annually, provide ad hoc services, and achieve outstanding hiring metrics compared to other GSK offices around the world.

medical professionals meeting

100 hires for a company with no name

Northwell Health, the largest New York-based healthcare network, launched a new patient access service offering to help their patients navigate complex health organizations. In fall 2016, the new organization (soon to be named Formativ) engaged Hudson RPO to help build a Jacksonville-based workforce.