Amy Hillard

Account Manager Jackson, Mississippi

“Being a virtual employee means that when I got married, I was able to move to my husband’s home state without my career missing a beat. I love that we hire the best talent no matter the location. Our virtual team builds each other up and shares best practices. We’re partners even if we aren’t on the same account.”

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Melissa Rampaul

Senior Recruitment Coordinator Toronto, Ontario

“Hudson RPO has been very supportive of my career. They push me to grow and provide the necessary support needed to achieve my objectives.”

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Cristine Kane

Vice President, Solution Design & Technology Innovation Tampa, Florida

"I joined Hudson RPO because I wanted the opportunity to make a greater impact. After three years at Hudson RPO, I’ve learned more here than I did at larger organizations in 7 or 8 years."

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Gary Jones

Account Director Tampa, Florida

"I initially started with Hudson RPO as a recruitment manager on a small project for a pharmaceutical organization. This small project grew from hiring a few roles within one U.S. city to eventually handling most of the hiring for three U.S. cities plus Germany and other parts of Europe."

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Marc Rodgers

Senior Bilingual Recruiter Mississauga, Ontario

"After having worked almost 30 years, I’ve had a lot of jobs, and I’ve never been as happy in my work life as I am working for Hudson RPO."

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Mark Rogers

Senior Account Director Bridgewater, New Jersey

“I had never been on the provider side before, but having worked with RPO companies, I know the value of an excellent RPO solution. I was looking for something new, and after an interview with Hudson RPO leadership, I knew this was a unique situation with career opportunities and a lot of room for growth.”

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Kasey Butler

Director of Delivery Mississauga, Ontario

"It's been a great experience for me, and has definitely developed me as a recruitment professional."

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Tara DePeau

Recruitment Manager Northeast Wisconsin

“Hudson RPO is like a boutique company where I’ve had more growth opportunities, gained more experience, and even pitched program ideas that have been implemented.”

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