Lisa De Nicola

Account Manager Toronto, Ontario

“Working at Hudson RPO is fast-paced, ever-changing, and ever-evolving. As a result, flexibility and adaptability are important to be successful.”

When Lisa joined Hudson RPO as a sourcing contractor, she said she “felt like Bambi,” brand new with a lot to learn. Today she is an account manager for a major global beauty brand.

I started my career as a recruitment coordinator in’s new Toronto office. After three years, I took the next step in my career and joined Hudson RPO, working initially as a contract sourcer on a gaming and entertainment account. After a very short time, I became a full-time recruiter supporting multiple properties from my Toronto location. Upon the completion of this project, I was selected to be a full-time recruiter on a new account with a world-renown global beauty company.

Going from an entertainment giant to a beauty giant was quite a shift. The volume of work increased quickly and substantially, and the recruiting needs varied and were complex supporting many different types of roles across multiple levels and functions. I had to immerse myself and adjust to a new culture, a new intensity, and new communication styles to really connect with the business and establish relationships.

After a few years, the Account Manager elected not to return after maternity leave, so I asked Hudson RPO if I could take on the challenge. They agreed, and today I’m the Account Manager overseeing recruiting for the Sales and Operations teams. I manage three people: one is in Rochester, another is in Kentucky, and our sourcer is located in Atlanta. We are all virtually located, and I work from my home office in Toronto.

Working at Hudson RPO offers a lot of autonomy and independence. Managing an account is like running and managing your own business, and of course I have to deliver along the way. Hudson RPO has recognized my efforts. I’ve been fortunate enough to win employee awards multiple times and have traveled to the Caribbean to participate in our company awards programs. They’ve also given me leadership training and coaching. It’s a very collaborative culture.