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Brazil Recruitment Solutions

Your trusted recruitment partner in Brazil

A big part of recruitment in Brazil is location, location, location. And not just by city—although we’ve got plenty of rich sourcing and recruitment experience in places like Fortaleza, Jundiaí, Natal, São Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro.

It’s about the location within a city. In high-density populated Brazil, an address within a city doesn’t mean the employee will have a reasonable commute. At Hudson RPO, we work with you to determine viable commute patterns before we begin your talent search.

Plus, contact from our U.S. and Canadian based recruiters generates instant curiosity and interest from Brazilian candidates. It legitimizes your open positions and drives a higher return on investment.

Our flexible pricing methodology makes our talent acquisition services viable for your organization, whether you are hiring for one key role, a short-term project, or you require an on-going, end-to-end solution. Plus, we provide services in Portuguese and also English, when a solid command of English is a candidate must-have.

El proceso de reclutamiento "outsourcing"

Hoy en día, las empresas multinacionales están tercerizando sus procesos de reclutamiento para reducir costos y mejorar los resultados en las contrataciones en Latinoamérica. Veamos los beneficios del proceso de reclutamiento "outsourcing."

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Brazil: RPO in Real Life

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We filled multiple sale, sales analyst, and contract manager roles across key Brazilian tourist markets for a global online travel company.

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Chemical Company

We provided end-to-end RPO services to a global water treatment company. In Brazil, our account manager and recruiter filled their ongoing openings for sales, product marketing, waste water and chemical engineers.

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We conducted an executive search for the Brazilian country CEO for a manufacturer of modular space and secure portable storage solutions. The package included a bullet-proof car to keep the executive safe.

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