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US Recruitment Solutions

Have you considered an outsourced recruitment strategy?

We all love when great things are made in the USA. Great talent is also made here, but it can be hard to find — and keep.
In the current US employment market, top candidates often have the upper hand when it comes to choosing their next opportunity. Securing talent is highly competitive.

Candidates enjoy such a range of options that some may simply disappear during the recruitment process. Because the chances of a candidate taking another role increase with hiring delays, every recruitment process must be optimized. Automating components can decrease time-to-fill, increase candidate satisfaction, and free leaders to pursue strategic initiatives.

A strong employer brand can further distinguish your organization. Employees seek opportunities to grow personally and professionally. They also gravitate towards cultures where values align. We can help you articulate what makes your business the ultimate place to belong.

Whether you need niche skills for a critical project, volume hiring following an acquisition, or recruitment that flexes in response to shifting markets, let's create a strategy based on your company.

RPO in Real Life

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Enterprise End-to-End RPO

As the exclusive enterprise RPO provider for a global pharma giant, we’ve navigated two acquisitions, three large-scale sales expansions, and 20 product launches in one year.

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Project RPO

A start-up healthcare call center had no name or office location, but needed new hires ASAP. We designed a process, deployed technology and hired 100+ hires in three months.

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On-Demand RPO

An NYC software engineering firm needed a better recruitment process, vendor management and talent pooling. We improved their hiring results by 60% in the first three months.

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Retained Search

Hudson RPO hired the VP of HR, Key Account and Sales Managers in livestock and dairy products for the global leader in nutritional feed services for the animal industry.

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Talent Management

Hudson RPO provides in-person pre-hire selection assessments for managers and above for a Fortune 500 chemical company. This includes psychometrics, role-play, presentation analysis and competency reviews.

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Employer Branding

A luxury automaker needed to increase enrollment for its mechanic training programs. We created EVP messaging, launched a website and social advertising. Enrollment jumped from 60% to 91%.

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Opening an office in the USA?

Your Hudson RPO talent acquisition partners will provide valuable, hands-on support to smooth your entry into the US market. Early hires are key to your success here. To help you get it right, we’ll advise you on the overall market, industry benefits packages, and how to best position your opportunity.

We’ll also advise you on the merits of strategic sourcing versus advertising, and we’ll help you understand other factors, such as commuting patterns, to make hiring more effective.

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