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The best teams are led by great coaches

How do you know you’re winning, if you can’t see the scoreboard?

In the world of HR, metrics hold the answer. A supportive consultant can help you discover the meaning behind the metrics and optimize your talent strategy.

Let’s start with the basics: an intelligent talent strategy begins at the data dashboard. Robust data, paired with contextual analysis, powers the decision-making of effective leaders.

Data-based analysis can help you pinpoint the reasons why a talent acquisition strategy has fallen short, or why one key hiring aspect seems to lag, for example.

But to fully maintain a competitive advantage, you need to reach further, asking: how can our employer brand surface above the competition?

A talent consultant can help.

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Analytics: a deep dive worth the dunk

Optimize your HR delivery by understanding the key metrics that affect business performance. Start with an enterprise health check. Measure turnover. Track head count. Monitor employee satisfaction. Then, act.

You can use HR analytics to hone in on talent supply levels, anticipate key skill shortages, and more. Intelligent data can add depth of understanding to the macro picture, while also revealing actionable insights at team, departmental, or functional levels.

Hudson RPO's consulting services include

  • Research and talent analytics
  • Employer brand review and strategy recommendations
  • Hiring manager coaching and interview training
  • Recruitment technology review and enhancement proposals
  • Permanent and contingent workforce planning
  • Onboarding process recommendations
  • Pre-employment testing and behavioral assessments
  • Career development and succession management
  • Candidate engagement programs
  • Talent pool development and management
  • Referral program development

The benefits of human capital consulting

  • Improves quality of hire
  • Reduces time to hire
  • Lowers recruiting costs
  • Streamlines the candidate experience
  • Improves employee loyalty and retention
  • Boosts diversity of thought and innovation
  • Enhances employer branding and awareness
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