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Recruitment technology

Technology is the tool, but human relationships are the focus

Using technology to facilitate recruitment? The very idea can strike a range of emotions.

Do you fear that AI will make roles redundant? Are you relieved (or delighted, even) about the prospect of more effectively managing your workload? Perhaps you’re a bit nervous about meeting targets while training a team on new tools and processes.

It’s completely normal to question how technology and artificial intelligence (AI) will affect your organization’s talent structures, but there’s good news:

In the recruitment world, nothing will ever replace the importance of a genuinely good human relationship.

Technology solutions that supplement personal contact

Free more time to build personal relationships by using technology to manage aspects of the recruitment process.

You’ll discover more value by selecting from a suite of recruitment technology solutions, including:

  • Video interviews and assessments: Streamline front-end recruitment to ensure only best-fit candidates continue through the hiring process, resulting in faster hiring and lowered costs.
  • Recruitment chat bots: Authentic, targeted questions help engage high quality candidates from the start. Candidates who don’t match the role get screened out.
  • Self-scheduled interviews: Through a user-friendly program, candidates schedule on-site, phone, and video interviews to streamline early hiring and reduce recruitment time lost to administrative tasks.
  • Sourcing and predictive analytics: Identify candidates who are ready for new opportunities and reach out before the pack with AI-generated personalized messaging.
  • Recruitment marketing: Enhance application rates and candidate quality with paid and organic social media messaging and advertising strategies targeted to specific talent pools.
  • Applicant tracking systems (ATS) and candidate relationship management: Build high quality, active talent pools, manage the hiring process, and engage candidates to prevent talent drop-off.
  • Payroll and contingent workforce solutions: Manage your contract workforce and ensure continuous labor law compliance.
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Pay for the technology you need, not the extras you don’t

Whatever outcome it drives, technology is most powerful when it’s customized to meet your needs without the drain of extraneous applications.

When it comes to recommending technology that will help grow your business most effectively, we’re committed to vetting technology against your unique requirements.

Piloted by our Technology Innovation Committee, our team ensures all clients have access to the most innovative recruitment software on the market while avoiding long learning curves and unnecessary expenses.

From front end video assessments and predictive analytics, to recruitment marketing and candidate engagement tools, our talent acquisition experts create technology solutions that work for you, today.

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The beauty of InGenium

Fast-forward your talent acquisition with Hudson RPO’s exclusive InGenium recruitment technology. Mobile ready and intuitive, InGenium supports a high-touch candidate experience. It enables swift access to a suite of powerful recruitment tools, including an applicant tracking system and candidate management system. End to end, InGenium streamlines your hiring process.

Whether you want a comprehensive, permanent solution, or simply need to bridge gaps in your existing recruitment platforms, the InGenium offering flexes to fit your requirements.

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