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Finding the talent who will define the next big thing

Technology is a fast-paced, competitive industry, and it constantly changes the way we live. As the omnipresence of technology grows, so does the shortage of great technology talent.

Time’s wasted with a recruiting partner who doesn't understand the difference between .NET, C++, and Java. There’s not much point talking talent with someone who doesn’t understand what distinguishes a program manager from a project manager.

Hudson RPO provides flexible recruiting solutions for your precise need and offers complementary services like pre-hire assessments to identify high-quality employees who fit in with your organization's culture.

Plus, our skilled technology recruiters have a close understanding of your competitive landscape. With that perspective, we’re uniquely positioned to wow candidates with the benefits of your employer brand.

Why Hudson RPO for technology recruitment solutions

  • Speed & flexibility: Struggling to find in-demand talent? About to embark on a large project? We can pivot and leverage our sourcing and recruitment networks to begin filling your roles within days, and we can flex down when your hiring project is complete.
  • Customization: If you require an ongoing solution, we won’t shoehorn you into a recruitment model just because it worked for another client. We develop a solution that fits your culture, values, changing talent needs, and organizational structures.
  • Care: You’re important to us. We mean it: you’ll get direct access to our regional CEO and executive team.
  • Partnership: Hudson RPO is a partner first and foremost, and we’re willing to invest in the partnership to grow with your needs.

Technology RPO in Real Life

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End-to-end Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We provide a dedicated technology recruiter as part of a global, end-to-end RPO solution for an international financial services group with 14,000 employees in 25 countries.

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RPO Projects

A financial services advisor struggled to fill critical technology and financial modeling roles for its Fortune 1000 clients. We deployed a solution in three weeks and tripled their hiring.

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On-demand Recruiter

A software engineering firm needed to improve its recruitment outcomes quickly. Our on-demand recruiters implemented passive candidate talent pooling and improved their hiring results by 60% in 90 days.

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Active Talent Sourcing

When our client needed elusive Hadoop and Python developers, our sourcers built a 150-candidate talent pool, which included ongoing communications and predictive analytics. This doubled hiring outcomes.

technology meeting

Technology sales recruiting

You need the right sales people to open doors and get your technology products in front of the right customers. But your competitors do, too. That's why hiring cream-of-the-crop technology sales professionals is a cut-throat business.

Partner with us for deep experience in hiring tech sales talent. We’re happy to talk examples. In one instance, we helped a major CRM provider get new products to customers faster, thanks to an urgent recruitment of 40 top salespeople. We delight in creating success stories for everyone.

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